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Twitter is one of the abundant marketing channels for driving traffic and generating leads. If you are not using twitter for your business but want to start using twitter advertising, then keep reading. We, at GoFlyDigital, is the leading digital marketing agency that offers you the best services of Twitter advertising to help you in your business growth.
Pricing Plans

Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.

Billed Monthly Billed Yearly

$425/ month


  • Up to 2 video campaigns
  • Up to 4 video ads
  • Up to 100 web lead phone calls tracked
  • Strategic bid management
  • Up to $2,500 monthly ad spend (paid to network)
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$ 975/ month


  • Up to 5 video campaigns
  • Up to 10 video ads
  • Bumper display ads
  • Google Video Display Network
  • $2,500-$12,000 monthly ad spend (paid to network)
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$ 1475/ month


  • Up to 10 video campaigns
  • Up to 20 video ads
  • Kids targeting
  • Store visit reporting
  • $12,000+ monthly ad spend (paid to network)
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$ 11,499

Yearly Package

  • ✸ Up to 80 Keyphrases Optimized
  • ✸ Technical SEO Audit / Implementation
  • ✸ Initial Content Development: 10 pages
  • ✸ Ongoing Earned Media and Content Marketing Assets: 3/Quarter
  • ✸ Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • ✸ Phone Call, Lead, and Revenue Tracking Dashboard
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$ 17,499

Yearly Package

  • ✸ Up to 150 Keyphrases Optimized
  • ✸ Technical SEO Audit / Implementation
  • ✸ Initial Content Development: 16 Pages
  • ✸ Ongoing Earned Media and Content Marketing Assets: 4/Quarter
  • ✸ Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • ✸ Phone Call, Lead, and Revenue Tracking Dashboard
Choose Plan

$ 35,499

Yearly Package

  • ✸ Up to 300 Keyphrases Optimized
  • ✸ Technical SEO Audit / Implementation
  • ✸ Initial Content Development: 16 Pages
  • ✸ Ongoing Earned Media and Content Marketing Assets: 10/Quarter
  • ✸ Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • ✸ Phone Call, Lead, and Revenue Tracking Dashboard
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What Makes Twitter Advertising Services a Must for You

Twitter is considered as the largest micro-blogging site in the world, which is used by more than 800 million people. The major benefit of using the twitter platform is that it allows the people to reach with their audience quickly with the effective use of hashtags.

With Twitter, it is easy to improve brand value and get connected with business professionals and create a positive impression of your brand quickly. With dedicated twitter ads management, you can easily set your business goals and achieve them. It helps in the effective lead generation for your business and expands the sales.

But it is not an easy task and needs some expertise. GoFlyDigital is the best twitter ads agency, which is popular for its professional and result-oriented services. We offer you our services in such a way that you can get excellent results in a minimum span of time. 

We help you in reaching your targeted audience. You can contact us and call us on the below-given number and our experts will guide you with the best services to help you with your business growth.

Twitter Advertising

Goflydigital Twitter Advertising Services

Monthly Advertising SpendUp to $2,500/mo. $2,500 - $12,000/mo. $12,000+/mo.
Included Video Campaigns 2510
Included Total Ads Across Campaigns Up to 4 Up to 10Up to 20
Initial Creation of up to 15 Second Video Ad Using Client-Provided Creative Assets 1 ad 2 ads3 ads
TrueView for Action Lead Campaigns
Ad creative performance testing
Google In-Store Visit Reporting
Pre-Roll and Interstitial Ads
Local Targeting with Location Extensions
Google Analytics integration & goal tracking
Need more information? Call Us: 888-256-9448

What Makes Twitter Advertising so Popular

Twitter provides many targeting and unique features due to which it has become the best ad platform as compared to other platforms. If you are not believing, then let us tell you some reasons by knowing which you will also understand that twitter advertising is superior to other online ad platforms. These reasons are mentioned below:

Pay only for performance

It is one of the great features provided by Twitter in which you only pay for your goal when the customer takes any action. This simply means that when you promote your tweets on twitter, then you pay only when you have attained the objective of your marketing. One of the instances of this facility is that if you own an app and run an app installation campaign, then you only pay for the number of successful app installs. Similarly, if you run a follower campaign to increase Twitter followers, then you will pay only for those people who will start following your account. It makes twitter advertising superior to all other social media platforms

Low cost per click

On twitter advertising, the price of a click depends on the bid value, which is generally very economical as compared to other social media platforms. Thus, you need to pay a low cost per click by people. It gives the power to people to effectively manage their campaigning budget and reap benefits using the Twitter marketing platform.

Keyword targeting

It is one of the precise ways to go after a particular audience who has verified intent on twitter. This simply means that you can target that audience who has used a particular hashtag at a particular time or they are following it for a long time. Thus, you can target your audience according to the keywords that are relevant to your business. With the help of the keywords targeting, you will get more knowledge regarding the audience that is interested in the products and services provided by you. Using this approach in your Twitter advertising strategy, you can get qualified leads, which will be easy to convert.

Tweet engager targeting

It is one of the effective ways to reach your targeted audience in a remarkable way. With the help of the tweet engager targeting, you can remarket to people who recently engaged with your tweets. It is also known as a real hidden gem of the Twitter ad campaign. This feature is not present in any of the other social media platforms where you can run your ad campaign. This ultimate feature makes the twitter ad campaign superior to all other ad campaigns.

How twitter advertising help your business

Across the world, twitter is one of the most popular platforms in the world of social media. But there are lots of people who are confused regarding choosing Twitter for their business purpose. Let us tell you that twitter is a must for your marketing strategy along with the worthwhile investment to capture increased business. And there is good news for you, that is if you lack the presence of the microblogging giant at present, but tomorrow, you definitely can have a different story.

All you need to do is begin your journey with twitter marketing services. We, at GoFlyDigital, is one of the leading digital marketing agencies, who are industry experts in running ad campaigns on Twitter. It has helped our clients to grow their business and expand their sales. 

Twitter ads help your business a lot when it is done in the correct way. There are many benefits, which come directly to you when you decide to introduce Twitter in your marketing strategy. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of twitter advertising for your business.

Monitoring the brand
It is obvious that you want to know about the opinion of people regarding your brand. Thus, with the help of twitter advertising, it becomes very easy for you to gather the required insights and intelligence. The reason behind this is that twitter provides you the feature of tracking with the help of which you can easily track the people’s activity when your company’s name is mentioned using a hashtag. Along with this, if you got your own hashtag, then you can track which people are mentioning your own hashtags and where people are using your hashtag. Our experts will create a list of hashtags for your business and then will monitor the growth of your account based upon them.
Drive web traffic
Twitter is one of the popular platforms, which when used in an effective way, will help your business and especially your website. When our experts work on your Twitter campaigns, their aim is to direct the people to your website. It will increase the visitor’s flow on your website and its ranking will also experience a major boost. Thus, more traffic on the website means more leads and sales. This helps you in increasing the growth of your business.
Explore the industry trends
It is very easy to analyze the topics that are trending on twitter but figuring out the trends that may turn fruitful for us needs research. Our experts are proficient in this task and they will do a complete analysis of the trending hashtags and topics on the platform of Twitter. After their analysis, they will execute their strategy to drive the people on your profile in order to establish communication with them. With our dedicated twitter advertising services, you can easily get all these benefits for your business, which will help you in growing it among your audience.

Establishing communication with potential customers

When it comes to the process of communication with the customers, then nothing is better than twitter. Because with the help of twitter, you can get in their touch and help them with their queries. One can directly tag you in a tweet and also send you a DM. Also, you also have the option to track the conversation with any person, how he behaves, and how you can convince him to be your customer. The professionals at GoFlyDigital are experts in their job and they devise perfect strategies to increase engagement with different people.
Connect with your local community
The professional twitter marketing services help you in the overall growth of your Twitter platform. It helps you in taking your connections with the people who are near to you and may be interested in your products and services. Involving in the local community also helps you in getting more local business due to which you will be able to increase the growth of your business by generating more local leads and sales. Our team of experts is well aware of this fact, thus, they ensure that they reach the local audience and help them connect with your brand and increase your profile’s visibility.
Create a brand personality
Are you worried about creating the personality of your brand? If yes, then do not worry about that as with the help of twitter advertising, our team helps you in building a brand personality of your own company. In order to create a brand personality, our team first creates a dedicated plan and then executes it in a strategic approach. Tracking the performance is a key part in this and based upon the response, the plan is modified for the future.

How GoFlyDigital provide you twitter advertising services

In order to provide you the services, first of all, our experienced team members follow a process so that each and every step is followed accurately and you will get excellent results. Thus, let’s have a look at the process that our team of experts follows:

  • Whenever our team starts to work on any new project, then the first thing that they do is understanding the business and the client’s requirements. They completely understand their end goals and what they need to do in order to achieve them.
  • Twitter is a platform that needs dedicated and consistent efforts in order to gain long term benefits out of it. After a detailed study of your business, our team focuses on the industry players along with your direct competitors.
  • They understand their style of working that has provided them the success and then, they create their own blueprint of working.
  • We focus on keeping you in confidence and thus, show a great level of transparency throughout the working. Our team will share the entire working strategy with you and will seek suggestions and feedback from your end. 
  • Then the process of execution begins and targets are made based on this. With our twitter marketing services, you will get dedicated support with our services and our team will closely monitor the performance of the work.
  • Our team will create multiple campaigns and based upon the performance, they will scale up the workflow. They will also choose from different types of campaigns. Each campaign type has its own benefit and it should be run accordingly.
  • They will choose the audience and will create demographics in order to reach the target audience. It will help in enhanced marketing and will help in achieving business goals. Based on the demographics, multiple ad groups will be formed by the team. The ad groups are created based upon multiple parameters such as location, age and gender, interests, device, and many more.
  • Our team will also share the regular work updates, what plans are under execution, and what are their plans for the coming time.
  • Most importantly, all these services are highly cost effective for you and our pricing is the best in the entire industry and thus, makes the best twitter ads management company in the global market.

Get the Best Twitter marketing services to Enhance Your Sales

Are you looking to take your business to the next level and beat your competitors with the best professional work? Then you should get in touch with us without wasting your time and we will offer you the best solutions. Our successful results to our clients have helped us in becoming the best twitter ads agency. With our dynamic working approach, we help our clients in achieving the heights in their field and help them in getting successful. Call us today and we would be happy to serve you.

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