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LinkedIn advertising to reach a larger number of audiences

With LinkedIn being one of the most popular platforms used by the professionals, we, at GoFlyDigital provides the top class LinkedIn advertising services to our clients. With our services, we help your business to boost up the website traffic and leads. The dedicated team of professionals helps your business to maximize your returns and eventually increase the ROI.
Pricing Plans

Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.

Billed Monthly Billed Yearly

$425/ month


  • Up to 2 video campaigns
  • Up to 4 video ads
  • Up to 100 web lead phone calls tracked
  • Strategic bid management
  • Up to $2,500 monthly ad spend (paid to network)
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$ 975/ month


  • Up to 5 video campaigns
  • Up to 10 video ads
  • Bumper display ads
  • Google Video Display Network
  • $2,500-$12,000 monthly ad spend (paid to network)
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$ 1475/ month


  • Up to 10 video campaigns
  • Up to 20 video ads
  • Kids targeting
  • Store visit reporting
  • $12,000+ monthly ad spend (paid to network)
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$ 11,499

Yearly Package

  • ✸ Up to 80 Keyphrases Optimized
  • ✸ Technical SEO Audit / Implementation
  • ✸ Initial Content Development: 10 pages
  • ✸ Ongoing Earned Media and Content Marketing Assets: 3/Quarter
  • ✸ Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • ✸ Phone Call, Lead, and Revenue Tracking Dashboard
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$ 17,499

Yearly Package

  • ✸ Up to 150 Keyphrases Optimized
  • ✸ Technical SEO Audit / Implementation
  • ✸ Initial Content Development: 16 Pages
  • ✸ Ongoing Earned Media and Content Marketing Assets: 4/Quarter
  • ✸ Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • ✸ Phone Call, Lead, and Revenue Tracking Dashboard
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$ 35,499

Yearly Package

  • ✸ Up to 300 Keyphrases Optimized
  • ✸ Technical SEO Audit / Implementation
  • ✸ Initial Content Development: 16 Pages
  • ✸ Ongoing Earned Media and Content Marketing Assets: 10/Quarter
  • ✸ Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • ✸ Phone Call, Lead, and Revenue Tracking Dashboard
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Why to choose LinkedIn advertising as your marketing strategy

LinkedIn is a much popular social platform, with more than 500 million people as active users. Hence, LinkedIn advertising helps you to reach larger audiences that are professional and highly educated. Here you can easily get interacted with the high-level executive and advertise to the decision-makers.

LinkedIn advertising services help your business by targeting the major portion of educated audiences. It helps you to target the people by their profession, job, and their interests. There are many more features of the Linkedin advertising that can turn to be a boon for your business.

More than 90% of marketers are known to use LinkedIn to profess their business. These platforms help the professionals to target the people who are interested in your business. LinkedIn is a genuine and targeted professional platform that brings successful results for your business. This is why people take LinkedIn ads more seriously as compared to the ads put on other social media platforms.

Call us now and schedule a consultation with our professional experts about the LinkedIn advertising services. To know more about how these services can help you, read more.

LinkedIn Advertising

Goflydigital LinkedIn Advertising Service

Monthly Advertising SpendUp to $2,500/mo. $2,500 - $12,000/mo. $12,000+/mo.
Included Video Campaigns 2510
Included Total Ads Across Campaigns Up to 4 Up to 10Up to 20
Initial Creation of up to 15 Second Video Ad Using Client-Provided Creative Assets 1 ad 2 ads3 ads
TrueView for Action Lead Campaigns
Ad creative performance testing
Google In-Store Visit Reporting
Pre-Roll and Interstitial Ads
Local Targeting with Location Extensions
Google Analytics integration & goal tracking
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LinkedIn ads to increase the quality traffic to your website

GoFlyDigital, being the leading LinkedIn lead generation agency, helps your business to get in more leads and sales to your business.

Most of the companies believe that advertising on social media is enough for them to get increased traffic. Though this is much correct, advertising on social media platforms will get more traffic to your website. But what about the lead generation and the conversions. LinkedIn is the right platform that can integrate with the marketing strategy and deliver increased leads and sales for your website.

Our LinkedIn marketing services will help to get more traffic and leads to your website. Being a professional platform, this acts as a powerful marketing tool by creating awareness for the high quality of prospects. Thus, with the LinkedIn advertising services, you can target qualified and targeted audiences based on specific industries.

With our unique and targeted strategies, we allow you to get connected to the targeted prospects in a professional way. GoFlyDigital believes in delivering the top notch services always to its clients. Being the top LinkedIn lead generation agency, we help your business with increased leads. Experience our services and enjoy the benefits without any worries and enjoy the fruitful results.

Benefits that your business will enjoy with the LinkedIn advertising services

Advertising on social media platforms is indeed a great strategy to get increased conversions. But when it comes to LinkedIn, there emerges the need for the different approaches and strategies that need to be executed. LinkedIn is not a mere social platform, but rather a professional platform, which is a boon for the business. People all over the globe share their experience, job type, experience, and interests here. As an advertiser, you can get a lot of benefits which include the following:

Specific targeting
With the help of LinkedIn, you can narrow your demographics and precisely target your potential audiences. You can easily filter the qualified and high quality potential customers by their interests and job titles etc. With the specific filters, you can get to know the people, whom you have to target. This helps you to create the right strategy for your LinkedIn advertising campaigns.
Professional user base
This is the platform that is used by more than 500 million professionals across the globe. People share their job experience, thoughts, and all happening in the industries here. Thus, you will get here the active presence of the professional users, who have better decision making abilities. The chances of the conversion of the leads are a higher form of LinkedIn advertising as compared to others. Here you can get an increased amount of users who are interested in your business.
Increased awareness
With LinkedIn, you get a lot of advertisement forms. This provides you with better brand awareness and increased visibility for potential employees. You can get an increased number of business partners here on the LinkedIn Platform. Our LinkedIn advertising services help you to get in touch with an increased number of business partners.
Promote partnership events
Being a professional platform, this is the right place for your business to recruit employees or business networks. This will help your LinkedIn platform to grow and the overall growth of your business as well. The right targeting efforts will influence people to get connected to your business by any means.

Reach the right audience with the help of the LinkedIn marketing services

LinkedIn contains numerous information on the profiles. Thus, this makes it simpler for you to get the portion of the people that fit your marketing strategy. The most critical part is to choose the right audience for your marketing efforts. This becomes more important when you want your marketing campaign to instill a sense of personalization.

With the LinkedIn ads, it becomes possible to make your business accessible to the intended audience. With the right strategies being implemented, you can experience an increase in lead and experience a better conversion. The following features and the strategies will work for you to reach the right kind of audiences:

  • Demographics: With the demographics, you can collect the information about the age, location and gender of the prospects for your business.
  • Company info: On LinkedIn, you can get the whole company profile and the size of the company. Here you will get all the information related to the company, which is going to be highly beneficial for you when you pitch them.
  • Job: The job title along with their role work is included here. This also includes their post, seniority as well as the educational background.
  • Matched audiences: LinkedIn provides you with this amazing feature. It helps you to get the users who are chosen depending on the date of your first-party like the email lists or the website traffic.

How do our LinkedIn marketing strategies work?

With our LinkedIn marketing services, you can turn your LinkedIn platform into a machine that generates leads for your business. Let us have a look at how our LinkedIn management services work for you.

LinkedIn ad strategy

To get the results from your social media ad campaigns, it is necessary that you have a well devised strategy. Without a strategy, your campaign’s success possibility rates are low. To the body of the campaign, the strategy is the fuel that speeds up the growth of your business. We first analyze your social media platforms, specifically LinkedIn. Our professionals look for areas where they can get maximum opportunities. With the expertise and experience that we hold, we help you to determine the buyer persons to be focused on. Our well defined and strategically crafted plans target the decision makers of the LinkedIn platform. Through our LinkedIn advertising, we help to reach out to the maximum number of qualified audiences.

Sponsored content

LinkedIn is a well reputed platform that has numerous options available. Our team focuses its efforts on the most effective ones. This includes the sponsored updates and the content. With our dynamic capabilities of targeting, our ad campaigns are set up so that your business is showcased in front of potential customers. Our team experts precisely put your LinkedIn ads, so that they are found in higher rates with B2B channels. The team of experts determines the business demographics and LinkedIn groups to target research efforts. The campaigns then are used for the promotion of blog posts and the other offers. Our customized and responsive landing pages also help in generating more leads.

Sponsored Inmail

LinkedIn provides an amazing feature of sending personalized email messages to the target audience. This is the sponsored Inmail, that can increase the signups for the event or promotion of the content assets. The Inmails can be made more effective as they are sent only on Linkedin and one can get increased CTR. Thus, they drive in more conversions as compared to the email blasts. The professional team of the content writers creates engaging and eye-catching Inmails that capture the attention of the prospects. Being a complete LinkedIn marketing company, we make sure that our combined efforts result fruitful for your business with increased conversions.

Content creation

Going by the trends, for the foreseeable future, LinkedIn will grow more significantly for the content. Here, we are at GoFlyDigital with a complete content strategy for all kinds of platforms. We help you to identify the topics, write them up, and edit them for you. You can get LinkedIn articles as well. Share our articles on your profiles, and you will get an increased number of attracted customers to your business. Our LinkedIn marketing services include this all and render the best possible results to you.

Integrated analytics

GoFlyDigital being the top LinkedIn marketing company provides the complete analytics of your platforms. We integrate your LinkedIn marketing with all other social media marketing platforms. Thus, we help you to get to know how your ad campaigns are going on. You can easily get to know the deeper insights into your visitor’s behavior. Any changes than required to your ad strategy can be made then and there. We also provide you the LinkedIn management services that boost up your profile to attract more customers. Thus, with all the best possible strategies, our efforts revolve around increased leads and conversions for your business. Avail the best LinkedIn advertising services to boost up the growth of your business like never before.

Measure the results with the LinkedIn marketing management

GoFlyDigital provides the best LinkedIn social media marketing services to its clients. We help you to analyze the progress of the overall campaign run by us. The major benefit of choosing us is that you can utilize the various sources to keep an eye on the data.

Here are the sources that provide you with better LinkedIn management

  • LinkedIn campaign manager insights: This helps to analyze the data and precisely target the audience. We constantly look for the performance indicators and thus get to know how relevant are our ads to the targeting. A lot of matrices are set to get the right data in the right manner.
  • Google analytics: For any social media strategy, you can always rely on the ultimate tool of Google analytics. This helps you to keep an eye on the ad campaigns that are running for your business. This helps in the evaluation of the traffic and the conversion of the data. You can get to know the conversions made from the Linkedin advertising on your site.

Along with sources, we have our personalized software as well that helps to keep the track of our ad campaigns on LinkedIn. We can collect the information and systemically use it to make the right strategies. We can get to know the quality of leads that you get from our ad campaigns. With our LinkedIn management services, you can easily evaluate the success of the ad campaigns on LinkedIn.

Get the best LinkedIn advertising services for your business

Are you looking for a place where you can get the best LinkedIn advertising services? But you do not know how to get started or what to do for it. Get help from the best LinkedIn marketing agency. We help you to get increased leads and conversion.

Contact us now and let your business bloom with our targeted approach. Our business consultants will get in touch with you and will guide you through the professional working approach of our team to give you better insights on how your project will be handled and managed by us.

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