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Facebook advertisement is one of the effective ways to grow your business online in the digital world. GoFlyDigital is the best facebook marketing company that manages the campaign related activities on Facebook for its clients and helps them in generating their desired outputs. With dedicated Facebook marketing, it presents the chance for any size of business to reach their desired audience and provide the chance to sell their products directly to them.
Pricing Plans

Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.

Billed Monthly Billed Yearly

$425/ month


  • Up to 2 video campaigns
  • Up to 4 video ads
  • Up to 100 web lead phone calls tracked
  • Strategic bid management
  • Up to $2,500 monthly ad spend (paid to network)
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$ 975/ month


  • Up to 5 video campaigns
  • Up to 10 video ads
  • Bumper display ads
  • Google Video Display Network
  • $2,500-$12,000 monthly ad spend (paid to network)
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$ 1475/ month


  • Up to 10 video campaigns
  • Up to 20 video ads
  • Kids targeting
  • Store visit reporting
  • $12,000+ monthly ad spend (paid to network)
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$ 11,499

Yearly Package

  • ✸ Up to 80 Keyphrases Optimized
  • ✸ Technical SEO Audit / Implementation
  • ✸ Initial Content Development: 10 pages
  • ✸ Ongoing Earned Media and Content Marketing Assets: 3/Quarter
  • ✸ Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • ✸ Phone Call, Lead, and Revenue Tracking Dashboard
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$ 17,499

Yearly Package

  • ✸ Up to 150 Keyphrases Optimized
  • ✸ Technical SEO Audit / Implementation
  • ✸ Initial Content Development: 16 Pages
  • ✸ Ongoing Earned Media and Content Marketing Assets: 4/Quarter
  • ✸ Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • ✸ Phone Call, Lead, and Revenue Tracking Dashboard
Choose Plan

$ 35,499

Yearly Package

  • ✸ Up to 300 Keyphrases Optimized
  • ✸ Technical SEO Audit / Implementation
  • ✸ Initial Content Development: 16 Pages
  • ✸ Ongoing Earned Media and Content Marketing Assets: 10/Quarter
  • ✸ Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • ✸ Phone Call, Lead, and Revenue Tracking Dashboard
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Why Business Owners Prefer Facebook as Their Marketing Strategy

When we look at the approaches used by different companies for their marketing, Facebook emerges as the most cost-effective form of advertising. Thus, Facebook ads have become essential to the success of business owners who want to grow their business quickly. But it is very important to have the best Facebook advertising agency for making the task simple for you. We at GoFlyDigital have experienced Facebook ad expert that help your businesses with Facebook ads to grow and help our clients develop advanced campaigns to grow their business.

We are just a call away from you and will help you in setting up the action plan for your business to be advertised on Facebook.

How Facebook ads services help your business

Are you confused about availing the Facebook ads services? If yes, then let’s have a look at some of the benefits that you will get for your business.
Spend more time

It is an interesting fact that more than 2 billion people use Facebook regularly on their smartphones and desktops and most of them visit their Facebook timeline multiple times during a day. Thus, if you are advertising your products and services on Facebook, then it will be seen by most of the customers and multiple times. With professional facebook management services, you can easily take your business to people who may be interested in your products and increase your client base.

Reach to the target audience

It is one of the major benefits of Facebook ads that you will have the option to target the audience that matters for your business. You can advertise according to your preferred demographics. You can tell your preferred parameters such as interests; age; location and many others. Our Facebook advertising expert will understand your requirements and will help you with all the campaigns that you want to run.

Increases brand awareness

Facebook advertising is a best method using which you can create awareness among the people about your products and services. People have turned their business into huge success using Facebook only and have gained a huge number of customers. Thus, it helps you in building your brand awareness all across the globe. It is not bounded by any limits and you can reach any number of people.

Increase website traffic

With Facebook, you can easily target your audience to visit on your website. It will help you in boosting your online traffic on your website. We, as the best Facebook ad agency, helps you in running the campaign to click on a website to target the audience and redirect them on your web. Our experts are capable of running different types of campaigns that will boost the traffic on your blog. It will help your e-commerce store as well and you can easily sell your products online.

Increase revenue, leads and sales

Facebook advertising helps in generating leads and increasing the revenue for your business. Using the brand awareness and lead generation campaigns, we help your business to become a brand online and generate leads online. We, at GoFlyDigital, as the best Facebook advertising agency are experts in running a variety of lead generation campaigns, with which you will have direct leads for your business.

Builds engagement

The success of any online business of Facebook can be measured by the factor of how much engagement it has got on its page. Engagement is very essential because it indicates a strong bond with your audience. Thus, Facebook advertising helps you in building more engagement and the professional Facebook ads services helps you in achieving your goals. It will make people engage in your business and a strong bond is created between you and them.

The need for Facebook marketing services for your business growth

In the age of digital media, there is a need for Facebook marketing services for all businesses. The reason behind this is that with the help of Facebook marketing, you can promote your business due to which more and more customers will be attracted to it. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons that show you the need for Facebook marketing services
Fast and Reliable
When you advertise your business with billboards; radio ads; television along with the newspaper, then you will get the result very late. But when you begin to use the Facebook advertising services, then you have no need to wait longer as it drives immediate results. It is very fast and gives reliable results for you. The expert facebook advertising agency will be there to guide you about different types of campaigns.
Cheapest form
Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest forms of advertising on digital platforms, which is one of the best benefits for your business. Using Facebook advertising in an optimized way, you can take your business to millions of people. With a minimal budget, you can take your business to your targeted audience and increase brand awareness and generate quality leads. You will be able to save some money and can invest it in other useful work when you use Facebook ads in a proper way. The Facebook social media marketing from an expert company like GoFlyDigital will help you in achieving this.
There are various forms of advertising in which you cannot measure the number of clicks, impressions, sales, and customers you get. But when you advertise with Facebook ads, then you will get the results that are measurable. You will be able to watch how many clicks, impressions, and conversions you are getting with your advertisement. Every single click and conversions and impressions can be measured at Facebook advertising. Due to this, you will get to know more about your audience and how to target them in a better way. GoFlyDigital, the best facebook marketing company helps you in measuring your ad campaigns and provides you with detailed insights.
Grow blog traffic
A blog is considered as an investment in the digital world and if proper strategy is executed on it, then it can bring long term results. With Facebook ads, you can easily promote your blog and drive a huge traffic on it. After implementing the effective Facebook marketing services, you can take your blog to a huge audience and can capture increased traffic.

Increase SEO ranking and your website ranking

When you wish to rank your website on SERP, then it is a must known parameter that Google rely on the different social signals to provide the rank to any website. Thus, when a facebook advertising agency creates a strategy for your Facebook profile and ad campaign, then it will help in your website’s ranking as well. With the help of Facebook ad management services, you can be able to manage your ads and can get more customers engaged towards you. It is important to run different types of campaigns and we feel proud to tell you that our team holds expertise in running different types of campaigns and provides fruitful results to our clients globally.

How our Facebook marketing agency works

Our Facebook ad experts follow an easy process to provide you with excellent results. Before hiring any company, it is very important for you to know the process followed by the team. Thus, this simple and easy process is mentioned below:

  • Complete the analysis of competitors: First of all, our social media team and marketers complete a market analysis of your business area in order to find some local competitors currently outperforming you in audience size and engagement. We analyze the content, techniques, and all other things that they are using.
  • Developing engaging organic social campaigns: After all the analysis, our Facebook ad expert starts researching the content that has high engagement with your audience. They post and schedule regular posts and monitor the interaction and engagement.
  • Develop data-driven paid social campaigns: After researching and recognizing everything, our team creates custom audiences to best target your business and brand. They generate copy and imagery for high-performing social ads; report and enhance the paid social ads so that you will get excellent results.
  • Track your ad campaigns: After creating the custom audience, our Facebook ad experts track your audience and reach; engagement rates; click-through rates and leads; your return on investment on paid Facebook campaigns, and all other factors so that you will get the benefits of availing the Facebook advertising services.
  • Manage organic and paid Facebook ad campaigns: After tracking everything, our team members monitor engagement, leads, and sales from campaigns; engagement and interaction from the customer base.

When you have decided to begin your journey on Facebook, then Facebook social media marketing will help you in enhancing your goals and spread your message positively to the audience that really matters for your business. It helps in growing your business and your existing customers will also come to know about the new things that you plan to launch for your business.

How Goflydigital evaluate Facebook ad management services

It is a well-known fact that when you hire a professional team to get the best Facebook ad services, it helps you professionally to build, design, manage and optimize all the paid social accounts for your business. The best professional Facebook ad management services help businesses to improve their ROI and can make their life easier with competitive pricing, top-level performance, quality support, and additional marketing services at your clearance.

Keeping all these contexts as the primary parameters, we, at GoFlyDigital, create customized strategies for our clients, which are prepared to keep their business goals as the center point. According to the needs and requirements of the clients, we follow criteria which are mentioned below:

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We focus on providing the best services to all our clients at the affordable prices that provide great value to our clients.
  • Performance: We have got a team of experts who believe in working to their best potential and deliver high performance. It helps us as an organization and we meet the goals and expectations of our clients and make them satisfied.
  • Account management and reporting: We deliver the services that drive more traffic towards your business and implement such tactics that make your ads up so that you will get excellent results. We provide a dedicated account manager for you who will take care of your requirements and ensure the timely delivery of all the services to you.

The Best Facebook advertising services provided by GoFlyDigital

We, at GoflyDigital, is the top marketing leading Facebook marketing company that provides you the top-class services. We have a team of highly certified and experienced members whose major objective is to drive traffic that leads to sales for your business. We accomplish this goal by providing you the service of Facebook ads in which you can get:

  • An improved and optimized Facebook profile of your business
  • An increased number of conversions for your business through Facebook
  • Improved brand awareness of your business on Facebook and people start to recognize your business

Why to choose us for Facebook management services:

There are various reasons for choosing our company for the service of Facebook advertising. Some of these reasons are mentioned below:

  • We have an experienced team of experts that have successfully developed campaigns for many clients in the past and have produced positive results for them.
  • We deliver you with the insight to grow your business and create detailed marketing plans on Facebook. We make sure that you will get the proper report in which there is a tracking of your return on investment, all the metrics that matter, and each and every essential point.
  • We have a team of industry experts that are highly certified and have rich experience in this field due to which they are capable of solving any kind of issue and providing you the best solution to your problem.
  • We are a full digital marketing agency that does not create the ad campaign only for Facebook but for all the social media platforms. It makes us the best service provider and one stop solution for you.
  • We ensure that the services provided by us engage more and more customers towards it and help you to increase the growth of your business.

If you have also the planning to expand your business using Facebook and want to begin the Facebook advertising service from a professional agency, then you can contact us. We are just a call away from you. Get in touch with us today and our experts will guide you and provide you the best solutions for your requirements.

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